Perfection is pretty much the only goal… Mercedes-Benz style

From automotive engineering legends like Karl Benz and Ferdinand Porsche to Braun’s Dieter Rams, Germans are known for their engineering and design excellence. Everything from cars to coffee makers goes under the uttermost scrutiny and no stone is left unturned in the development process. Perfection is pretty much the only goal.


Take a glance at the clean lines of the new S-Class coupé or the stunning Mercedes-AMG GT S and you’ll understand why the Germans at Mercedes-Benz can get away with a slogan like Das Beste oder nichts or the best or nothing. But marketing aside, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

How do you make something like a S-Class coupé or the Mercedes-AMG GT S that perfect?

Answer: a very efficient, forward-thinking and perfection-driven engineering process.

Well, we were lucky enough to knock on the door of the Sindelfingen Mercedes Technology Center where the hard-hitting innovation and engineering happens. Process digitalization, virtual prototype modeling, regionalized driving dynamics, the power of LMS Virtual.Lab Motion as a development tool and Daimler’s state-of-the-art ride and handling simulators are just some of the elements that help those expert engineers achieve close to perfect cars long before hardware prototypes are built.

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