Optimize The Sounds of Nature

By mirna_b

You are sitting on your front porch trying to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea. However, instead of the calm sounds of the birds and rustling leaves on trees, you hear the bustling sounds of cars on the highway and the soring jets of airplanes above.  The sound transmitted from automotive vehicles or aircraft could get quite boisterous and distracting. One solution is to minimize sound transmission and optimize the sound of nature is using Simcenter 3D. 

Simcenter 3D is a great tool to determine sound insulating capacity in panels used as noise barriers in automotive, aerospace, and mechanical industries. It is a simplified interface that allows you to efficiently define and predict sound transmission loss through a panel simulation. This enables you to minimize noise and optimize sound quality in designs.

The video below with help explain key features enabling the characterization of a structural panel including a new feature: Automatically Matched Layer (AML) which enables lean model and quick computation.

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