Move Beyond CFD Analysis With Integrated Vibro-Acoustics

Now you can move beyond CFD analysis to focus on acoustics with new capabilities in NX CAE 10. The end-to-end vibro-acoustics workflow supported by these capabilities is “like a new physics environment in NX,” says Easwaran, NX CAE Product Management Support. 

 Not just CFD Analysis - NX CAE 10 Integrated VibroAcoustics.jpg

So, just what capabilities have we added? With NX CAE 10, you can now:

  • Use mesh to create fluid cavity – No geometry needed

  • Import loads from test data and apply to model

  • Get panel contribution results

You can use these capabilities for acoustics analysis across a variety of applications and industries: Architectural acoustics, loudspeaker design, and of course, automotive and aerospace.

Get more details on these new functionalities and how they enable you to use a vibro-acoustics workflow in NX CAE 10 when you watch the video interview with Easwaran and Sairam.

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