#MerryChristmas and #HappyNewYear

By Bart VanLierde

I’m stuck in the office as I am writing this post. Even though officially my working day is done, I can see through the window that leaving right now is probably not the best idea #snow

I’m cursing those who have been praying for a white Christmas, and indirectly put me in this misery. Yet at the same time, I’ve decided to #dealwithit and spend some time stalking the digital twin of each of my friends on Facebook #metime #nosingaround

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Facebook mirrors the real life. I see friends proudly post pictures of their children’s first adventures in the white gold. Others share cozy indoor sceneries, or the trouble they experience on the road #notme

Digital aliases have once more gained importance in 2017. By becoming influencers, Jane and John Doe can become powerful people, Time magazine elected the women behind #metoo as ‘person of the year’ and some say Russians even successfully manipulated US elections using online violence. #fakenews or not? I wouldn’t bet my bitcoins on this one.

The digital editions of ourselves are often enhanced versions. They generally tell us more about who we want to be than about what we actually really are. Our digital twin optimizes our lifestyle and gives us a certain form of control, or at least the illusion of control.



For us at Siemens, this continued digitalization proves our idea of what the future will be like: #digitaltwin #connected #cloud. It’s the main idea behind the creation of our offering. We develop tools that will enable manufacturers to create digital versions of their products, and to stay connected when they are out in the field.

Such digital twins bring major advantages during the entire product lifecycle. At every stage they can be used to evaluate or optimize product behavior, to predict things like maintenance for example, to keep control, or just to lose control by letting them work autonomously #interestingthought

With Simcenter, we can offer you, our customer, the most complete toolbox for digital twin. Simcenter uniquely combines system simulation, 3D computer-aided engineering (CAE) and test to help you predict performance across all critical attributes earlier and throughout the entire product lifecycle. By combining physics-based simulations with insights gained from data analytics, Simcenter helps you optimize design and deliver innovations faster and with greater confidence #bam!

Of course you, our customer, plays a crucial role in the success of our story. It is only thanks you your continued commitment during 2017 that we could prosper. We recognize and value that, and would like say thank you. We hope to stay connected in 2018.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the entire Simcenter Community team, I wish you #MerryChristmas and a #HappyNewYear!

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