LMS Test.Xpress software – Sound, durability and vibration analyzer

By SilviaM

On the lookout for a fast and efficient test solution that balances data acquisition with analysis while showing instant results and rtime data for backup or further post processing? Whether in the lab or in the field, for noise and vibration troubleshooting or certification testing, LMS Test.Xpress delivers optimal data results. Built with the customers’ need for flexibility in mind, the software is applicable to a variety of industries, be it automotive, white goods, machinery components or business electronics, you name it.


Integrating 30 years of engineering experience in noise and vibration, LMS Test.Xpress makes ISO certification easy as. All checks and requirements of the ISO standard are done by the software and in just few clicks, you get the ISO standardized report that you need. And more, the system is perfectly scalable when coupled with various LMS SCADAS frontends. Isn’t that just a great investment for the future? and it supports various sensors for direct connectivity: ICP accelerometers, microphones, temperature sensors, strain gauges, built-in GPS sensors and CAN bus. 

Take a look at this video presented by Danilo to learn more about how this powerful testing solution can help you boost your applications.


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