Introducing Simcenter System Analyst

By ClaireMaha Mathieu

Address a variety of performance attributes while ensuring system simulation model continuity

Electrification and increase control strategies expand system and architecture complexity. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers need to rapidly evaluate numerous variants to meet local market specificities without compromising quality and performance.

System simulation brings the answer to these challenges. Project engineers need a fast and easy-to-use solution to run multiple variant analyses to evaluate design options and balance mechatronic systems’ performances.

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers Simcenter™ System Analyst software, a collaborative solution that creates industry-specific applications to drive system simulation models.

Running variant analyses within an easy-to-use simulation environment

Simcenter System Analyst is a versatile simulation platform designed for project engineers or program engineers. It is a multi-industry platform that can be deployed by automotive and transportation, aerospace, or heavy equipment companies through the integration of system simulation model architectures and libraries in a database.

Simcenter System Analyst is easy-to-use, as even a project engineer with no computer-aided engineering (CAE) skills can quickly set up simulation models. Instead of directly assembling and configuring simulation models, he will select, from the database, system architectures, components and scenarios. A multi-attribute analysis can be set up in a few clicks, and various contradictory criteria can be balanced without having to manipulate complex models. Projects teams can evaluate hundreds of system variations and select appropriate parameters and components in an easy-to-use environment with tailormade pre and postprocessing.

With Simcenter System Analyst, project engineers can focus on technology matching with regards to final product requirements and not on model creation.

Deploying a simulation factory

Simcenter System Analyst completes a broader system simulation factory landscape. To help address complexity, system architects prepare model architectures and libraries, as well as specific pre and postprocessing before deployment in the database and transfer to system analysts such as project engineers or program engineers. System architects standardize models and structure the system simulation framework for the analysis activities of project engineers.

Model architectures can be prepared with Simcenter™ Amesim™ software or Simcenter™ System Architect software. The Simcenter System Analyst tool-agnostic simulation framework supports libraries of models based either on Simcenter Amesim, Simulink or any other tool supporting the functional mock-up unit (FMU) standard.

In the context of large system simulation deployment, Simcenter System Analyst is essential for deploying a simulation factory throughout your company. Through easy-to-use system simulation processes, Simcenter System Analyst helps expand model usage throughout your design team.

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