International Woman’s Day – Felicia Boyd



  engineer.png What drew you to an engineering company?

I can’t say that I was drawn to an engineering company more so the company happened to cross with my life at the right time. I had been told at my current company at the time that my job was being moved to Dallas and they already had someone for the position. Frantically started applying all over and heard back from Siemens. I instantly fell in love with the company for all its leading edge in the technology and software space. I was amazed to see so many people using our products and being a globally recognized company is something to be proud of!

first-prize.png  What was your first job?

My first unofficial job was a nanny which I really enjoyed growing up. My first real job was at Coldstone Creamery as an ice cream server.

woman.png  Were you the only woman on the team? What was that like?

I was not, there were actually majority women and the owners were a married couple which allowed for a nice balance.

success.png  How has your career evolved over the years?

It’s really been a fun journey so far I must say! Started as a marketing intern, moved into managing recruitment programs, becoming an HR Specialist, HR Business Partner, University Relations Specialist, to now Head of University Relations for PLM which is a huge accomplishment that I’m proud of.

handshake.png  Who has helped you along the way?

A former boss of mine at the Minnesota Department of Transportation by the name of Jolene was a huge influencer in my life. She pushed me to limits I didn’t know were possible. My senior year of college, she asked me to consider coming on full time and manage 2 major recruitment programs. I took her up on the offer and did all online classes my last semester to allow me this opportunity. Jolene really set the pace for my career and I’m thankful to her leadership and friendship.

woman.png  Do you think being a woman helped or hurt your career?

I think both. It really depended on where I was at in my career.

customer-service.png  What type of advice would you give young women looking to enter engineering?

I would say, being the Talent Acquisition space, to never give up even when you are against all odds and it seems impossible. That’s when you’re being tested and the reward at the end is beyond worth it. Be that change agent that other young girls will look up to know it’s possible for them too.

genders.png  Do you honestly think gender equality is possible?

I do think it’s possible as long as we continue to educate and making sure we have the right leaders in place to continue to push us all forward.


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