How does this sound to you?

Not long ago, we introduced LMS Test.Lab Jury Testing on the market. Today, we take a look at what these types of Testing Solutions bring to customers and how they shape the product development in the automotive sphere. 

If you think you do not get emotional, attracted, outraged, influenced in some sort of way by a certain sound, here is news for you: you do. We all do. Car makers know that. Picking a car is not just about the price, looks, colour, it is also very much about how it sounds. How the engine roars, how the door slams, etc. More often than you think, your final buying decision is triggered as much by your budget and preference for the aspect of a car model as it is by how comfortable you feel about the vehicle as a whole.

Because sound is such an important decision-maker and it has a lot to do with a buyer’s emotional reaction to it, listening tests in which participants are invited to state their preference for one sound or the other gain ground and contribute to brand reinforcement and of course, sales. So when engineering a car, you want to know as much as possible that it reaches the targeted audience.

Jury Testing 1.jpg

LMS Test.Lab Jury Testing helps facilitate this process, by establishing a link between what people hear and what they like or not exactly. By including statistical questions related to age, familiarity with certain cars, etc. it becomes easier to narrow down the potential buyers’ profile and preferences and work on them.

Here is a reflection on all the complexity surrounding how a car sounds, what acoustic engineers have to joggle with and the undeniable advantages of integrating LMS Test.Lab Jury Testing in the development of future cars.

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