Continuing the Femap Symposium Series 2015 in Cypress CA

The Femap Symposium Series 2015 continued last week with another event held at the Siemens PLM Software office in Cypress, CA, co-hosted with Siemens channel partner, Saratech.

Topics covered included the latest capabilities in Femap 11.2 with a deep dive on the new geometry enhancements as well as presentations introducing the Femap application programming interface (API) and the Structural Design Code Verifier from SDC Verifier.

Femap 11.2 What's New Presentation

Mark Sherman, director of Femap development, started the proceedings by covering the Femap version 11.2 highlights.

Femap API Intro Presentation

Chris Teague from Saratech presented an introduction to Femap application programming interface (API).

Femap Symposium SDC Verifier Presentation

Chris Teague also presented the Structural Design Code Verifier, a third party software product implemented in Femap by SDC Verifier.

Femap 11.2 Geometry Enhancements Presentation

Chip Fricke from Siemens PLM Software presented the latest Femap version 11.2 geometry enhancements.

Femap Symposium Roundtable Discussion

In the usual fashion, the event finished with a developer roundtable giving attendees a chance to put questions directly to the Femap development staff, represented on this occasion by Mark Sherman, and Chip Fricke. 

Our thanks to Saratech for co-hosting this event and ensuring its success. You can view the presentations for this, and other events in the Femap Community Knowledge Base.

The Cypress event marked the eighth Femap Symposium this year. The symposium series will continue after the summer with what should be an exciting event held on September 23rd at the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Everett, Washington co-hosted by Siemens PLM partner Applied CAx.

So if you’ve missed these events so far, make sure you register for the Everett, WA event.

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