Brabant’s DMS Holland Magnus Master

By Steve_Cortelli

If there’s anything that can disrupt a relaxing trip on the water, it’s an unstable boat. Whether you’re fishing, scuba diving, or just out on the water, ship stability is an essential part of safe sea travel. As a result, boat stabilizers have become a highly sought-after systems. However, not every stabilizer system is perfect; in fact, a common issue with conventional fin driven stabilizers is their insufficient roll dampening at low speeds.

The Magnus Master is the newest generation of rotor stabilizing technology created by Brabant Engineering. By utilizing Simcenter 3D, Brabant Engineering was able to transform their idea into a scalable product. Not only did Simcenter 3D’s software assist in developing and analyzing the Magnus Master, but also saved time required for developing and testing a real life prototype. Watch this video on how Brabant Engineering is employing Simcenter 3D to ensure your next boat trip is nothing but smooth sailing.

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