Automated simulation processes for use by designers

By Nazita Cook

Simulation in the hands of a design engineer can be a powerful tool. It can help shorten the design process through qualitative feedback before detailed analysis and drastically improve engineering productivity. Unfortunately, not every simulation software can be used by design engineers.

What if you could use your trusted software and deploy advanced simulation processes for use by designers?

Well, you can.

You can open the worlds of stress, fatigue and vibration analysis to the design engineer today within NX CAD. Additionally, your simulation experts can easily capture simulation knowledge and processes, automate them and expose them as customized simulation wizards directly in NX CAD to guide less experienced engineers through a simulation and still maintain a high level of confidence in the output. 

But don’t take my word for it. Watch this 45 minute on-demand technical presentation by Patrick Farrell and Jay Clark to learn more. Jay spends a fair amount of time walking you through the process so you can see its ease of use firsthand. So put a few minutes aside to learn how to get the most out of simulation for the design engineer and the expert.


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