A brief introduction to LMS Samtech software suites

Which problems can be solved by LMS Samtech?
LMS Samtech is an umbrella name that includes a broad portfolio of software tools.

These tools are used by international automotive, aerospace and mechanical industries for performance validation.

With the help of LMS Samtech software modules, engineers can
• make smarter decisions, perform structural design sensitivity analysis study.
• build better products, perform incremental or disruptive product innovation considering the performance requirements.

What are the various software solutions available in LMS Samtech?
LMS Samtech has three solution families:

samcefblog2.png1. Process Integration Aviation:

LMS Samtech Caesam software is developed to improve the existing disconnected modular design and analysis process of the aircraft industry. LMS Caesam provides a flexible scalable platform to harmonize legacy engineering software tools under one software environment. LMS Samtech Caesam is used by leading European aircraft manufacturer like AIRBUS.


samcefblog3.jpg2. Structural Analysis:

Any load bearing structure has to pass the failure criteria and phenomenon set by the real operating condition. Performing physical test is not always feasible and practical. LMS Samtech Structural Analysis solution family offers a unique combination of modelling software to predict real world structures performance/lifetime accurately and efficiently. The Structural Analysis solution family includes the following software suite:

LMS Samtech Samcef Solver Suite: This solver suite is based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) and covers a wide range of mechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical applications – from linear to most advanced non-linear analysis – primarily in the Aerospace, Defense and Automotive industries.

LMS Samtech Samcef Composites: This composite analysis tool provides highly advanced non-linear composite material models. It addresses composite failure phenomenon including delamination, inter, intra-laminar damage analysis.

LMS Samtech Samcef Rotors: A rotor dynamics simulation solution dedicated to the dynamic analysis of fast rotating machines such as jet engines, turbo machines, gas and steam turbines, pumps, propellers and fans.

LMS Samtech Tea Pipe: A comprehensive and powerful software package for the mechanical non linear simulation analysis of many types of hoses, cables and pipes (such as brake cables in a car or air and water hoses around a motor).

WTblog.png3. Wind Turbines:

LMS Samtech Samcef Wind Turbines provides an advanced open scalable dedicated platform for wind turbine manufacturer and suppliers. Wind turbine design engineers can not only analyze blades, tower, nacelle, bedplate, drive train, yaw and pitch mechanisms but as well the mechatronic system can be analyzed in great detail within LMS Samcef Wind Turbines.

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