Importance of Physical Structure Accuracy to Stay Compliant

By Kerri Doyle

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By orchestrating service engineering operations throughout a product’s lifecycle, Service Lifecycle Management software generates greater maintenance compliance, faster service, and results in lower costs for manufacturers and customers alike. You can improve communication between service and product design teams for better serviceability and reliability. You can effectively coordinate and plan for operational activities with real-time visibility to service events. Service activities can be performed with a full understanding of physical structure configurations, including physical asset BOM records, status, and service history.

Look for software solutions that support physical structures that allow service providers to digitally represent each one of their physical assets.

The Service BOM (sBOM) is the neutral representation of the product with a defined set of OEM service related definitions. Leveraging Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management – as part of the sBOM, you can define which parts should be serialized, which parts should be part of a lot, and what usage characteristics should be documented during service, etc. The physical structure is then generated from the sBOM, and reflects the specific configuration for that asset.

Meet compliance requirements

By leveraging the right physical structure implementation, data collections as well as measurements are recorded and saved in the context of the physical asset’s configuration. As a service provider, this helps you ensure compliance against regulations, and can also act as your checklist to avoid technician human error. The physical structures are tracked with these historical records, making sure that all compliance requirements are met. This is especially important today due to the growing trend of longer asset lifespans. This information is also critical in the case of failure investigations, and prevention of human error in maintenance and inspection.

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