Transformative Technologies and Innovative Leaders Inspire Audiences to Redefine Humanly Possible

By Michelle Nixon

A global community of engineers and innovators tuned into Realize LIVE + User2User last week, where they engaged in a day-long interactive program replete with actionable education, meaningful connection, and professional growth.

Now, much of that inspiring content is available on demand, so you can reap the benefits of the Siemens Digital Industries Software community, reimagine what your organization can achieve, and ultimately, redefine what’s humanly possible.

Access the Content that Attracted and Empowered Your Peers

Log onto today to access hundreds sessions that reveal unexpected innovations, practical solutions to your biggest challenges, and of course, plenty of ideas and inspiration.

You can search the content library by product name or keyword; you can also revisit the sessions you previously starred, by visiting the “interested” tab on your agenda page.

Still not sure where to get started? Consider these sessions that proved to be among your peers’ favorites during the live event:

  • Mainstage Session, featuring Siemens Executives, Inspiring Customers, and Other Innovators
  • Where Today’s Verification Meets Tomorrow’s Designs
  • Adopting Best Practices in Printed Circuit Design Layout
  • Silicon to Systems: From Vision to Reality
  • A Teamcenter Strategic Update: Orchestrating the Digital Enterprise with the Leading Choice for PLM
  • Active Workspace Usability Improvements for EVERY User
  • AI Driven NX
  • An Evolution of Performance Digital Twins to Executable Twins
  • Application of Executable Digital Twins Throughout the Product Lifecycle
  • A Leading Industry Analyst Firm’s Assessment of Modern PLM for Discrete Manufacturing
  • A New Era in Digital Transformation: A Solid Edge Strategic Update

Access Targeted Experiences to Drive Digital Transformation

A suite of product-specific experiences make it easy to find the content that’s most relevant to you. Whether you use Teamcenter, Simcenter, or functional verification technologies — or any of a dozen other products — you’ll find a unique agenda featuring only the most practical sessions that will most actionably prepare you for where today meets tomorrow.

If you’re looking for innovative techniques and must-know best practices, the latest software functionality and insights that span the product lifecycle, these experiences are a can’t-miss. Like the rest of the on-demand content, they’re available now through June 25.

Do you know someone who might benefit from these experiences? Invite them to join you. They’ll be prompted to register for Realize LIVE + U2U, if they haven’t already, and then they’ll have full access to the program content.

Connect Across the Growing Global User Community

With the Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio now including Siemens EDA, the user community bears greater global diversity and breadth of expertise than ever before. At Realize LIVE + U2U, that translated into networking that wasn’t just a nice-to-have but also an opportunity for transformative connection and collaboration.

More than 300 technical users and product experts exchanged ideas and inspiration in the Realize LIVE + U2U networking sessions, and more than 1,000 attendees participated in the new Meet the Experts program. While those experiences were available only during the live event, it’s never too late to start conversations and strengthen relationships: Log onto the Siemens Community today to do just that.

Siemens Digital Industries Software and our global user community are here to support you with transformative technologies, inspiring innovators, and hyper-relevant insights that, together, enable you to advance digital transformation and redefine what’s humanly possible. Visit now through June 25 to get going.

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