Webinar: The Right QA Enterprise Test Management Solution

By MichaelH1

The demand to successfully meet growing quality assurance challenges can be difficult. One of the easiest parts to miss is the integral component of software development process. An end-to-end approach encompassing the complete integration of the software development ecosystem is required to provide traceability and compliance.

Polarion Software recently hosted: “Polarion QA is the Right Enterprise Test Management Solution.” You can view the on-demand webinar by clicking the following banner:

During the webinar, you have the opportunity to hear Regg Struyk, Polarion Senior Product Manager, cover the following topics:

  • Achieve visibility into all testing activities at any given time

  • Easily link and manage issues from source code to requirements

  • How to improve collaboration across the entire testing ecosystem

  • How and why automatic orchestration of testing activities is crucial

  • Reuse key artifacts such as Requirements and Test Cases

  • Why an integrated testing ecosystem is critical

For organizations trying to carefully walk the fine-line of development in the Internet of Things (IoT) era – and that’s likely many of you – Polarion QA is a suitable replacement to Microsoft Excel, as it provides some of these added benefits:

  • Enterprise Collaboration

  • Complete Traceability

  • Integrated ecosystem of QA related tools and activities

  • Increased functionality and scalability

  • Browser-based interaction

Give your Testers, Test Managers, QA Managers the chance to design, coordinate, and track all test management activities with a single, collaborative solution with Polarion QA.

Achieving and maintaining the need to accelerate the quality process is important, requiring some type of Test Management solution.

To learn more about why Polarion QA is the ideal software Test Management solution, please click here.

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