Webinar: Learn More About What's New with Polarion 2016

If you want to learn more about some of the great new features in Polarion 2016, Jiri Walek, our VP of product management, will host two webinars on Thursday, April 21.

To register for the webinar, please click on one of the following banners:



New enhancements in Polarion 2016 include the following:

  • Merge branches

  • Test Run Workflow and Signatures

  • Test Run Pages and Widgets

  • PostgreSQL database

In addition, there are a few additional performance improvements that should be mentioned:

  • General speed improvement due to PostgreSQL instead of H2 use

  • Speed-up in specific save scenarios with attachments

  • Speed-up in document-related scenarios because Document and Wiki content – no longer rendered when it’s not displayed
    Speed-up in specific save scenarios with attachments

Also, Microsoft Edge (replacement for Internet Explorer in Windows 10) is now a supported browser. The native 64-bit Windows installer bundles 64-bit Apache and Subversion.

Register now for this important webinar, and if you want to learn more about Polarion 2016, we welcome you to read a blog post from Jiri.

Ready to update to the latest and greatest?

Download link for Polarion 2016

If you currently have Polarion version 2015, you have the chance to update to version 2016 for free – and you won’t need a new license key. Users running older versions of Polarion will be required to get a new license key.

Polarion 2016 is the first major version since Polarion became a Siemens company – and nothing has changed. As our promise to you, we continue to frequently release updates – with customer service and satisfaction top of mind.

Looking ahead, you can expect service release (SR) updates each quarter, focused on resolving issues, improving features, and rolling out new functionality and other enhancements.

We’re excited about Polarion 2016 – and look forward to hearing all of your feedback about our newest release.

Also, if you’re interested in testing Polarion 2016 before you update, download a free evaluation copy from the website – and install in a sandbox environment separate from your production installation.

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