SVN Webclient Installation Guide

By schucks

Customers often ask about how they can integrate their own subversion repository into Polarion.

The first steps are very easy, and the repository is quickly configured to work with cool things like automated commit recognition for revision linking. However, people expect useful features such as directly viewing files and even seeing the latest changes from Polarion’s own repository to work natively for external repositories.

After configuring their own SVN, people are often disappointed because the UI is missing by default. In most cases, the support is asked on how the same UI…

  • for opening files,

  • navigating through open repo-folders,

  • or comparing revisions

…can be configured in this case.

Because this question popped up so often in our email box, we created a much better and user-friendly instruction guide than the readme file delivered with the Polarion SVN Webclient. There are only a few simple steps necessary to make it work just as expected, and just as you know it from Polarion’s own repository.


The Instruction Guide in form of a Handout can be found here: Handout_SVN_Webclient_Installation


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