Quality Assurance (QA) is a Necessity for your Company

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Software testing is an extremely important part of the development process, with quality assurance (QA) and test management growing in importance.

If your organization has struggled to find a unified test management solution, Polarion QA is able to provide quality assurance and testing in a single platform. In addition, your team can work together to design, coordinate, and track project test management activities collaboratively.

Polarion QA is a solution designed to provide a highly effective, transparent protection of quality integrity for your projects – in a familiar environment that you won’t have to relearn. A jump to the unified Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is always seamless.

Using Polarion QA provides secure access from any connected device, allowing users to share test documents. In addition, it’s possible to easily streamline communications between development and QA with a customizable workflow able to trigger user alerts, email notifications, subscriptions and so much more.

Polarion QA allows QA Managers, Test Managers, and Testers to design, coordinate, and track all test management activities using a single, collaborative and connected QA solution. Traceability allows users to pass any audit, compliance, and regulatory inspections with automatic change control of every requirement.

With Polarion QA, your team will be able to build traceability from requirements to test verification while still utilizing your existing Test Cases, Test Runs, and Test Plans.

Polarion QA customers take advantage of customizable workflow engine, project templates, end to end traceability, from requirements and test verification to product launches, through updates, product re-purposing, or retirement. All changes are managed from a unified platform that guarantees a single source of truth to ensure the integrity of your QA process.

When implemented, QA reduces total cost of ownership for system administrators, testers, products integrations, and product launches.

Some of the benefits of Polarion QA for your organization’s QA managers, Test Managers and Testers:

Audits, metrics and reports
Enterprise traceability
Real-time collaboration
Test artifact reusability
Process/workflow automation
Change & configuration management
Test & Quality Management
Issue & Risk Management

Explore all the benefits of using Polarion QA for managing every testing related activity on our QA page.

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