Polarion Software Helps Athletes Perform: Success Story

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Biotechnology company Cercacor found Polarion Software to be the ideal “solution” for helping internal teams, with Cercacor choosing both Polarion ALM and Polarion QA to accelerate its business needs.

Cercacor looked for a more efficient way to create and manage QA activities. The quality assurance group previously used spreadsheets and documents for testing activities, but there was a need for a central repository, more transparency, and traceability. Using Polarion QA allowed for the team to avoid largely needing to alter internal processes, in addition to being able to track testing activity workflow.

In a recent customer success story, a valued customer explained how using Polarion Software solutions greatly helped. Here is what Howard Chan, Test Engineer at Cercacor, said:

“Polarion has helped us reduce the time of test plan creation by 50 to 75%.Back when we were using Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheets, we would spend about two days creating a test plan.With Polarion we’ve cut that time to a single day, and in many cases just half a day.

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Using Polarion QA, your team will be able to pass any audit, compliance, or regulatory inspection, benefiting from compliance-based templates. You’ll be able to quickly start projects using predefined customizable templates, or receive support for existing Test Plans, Test Cases, and Test Runs.

In addition, Polarion QA supports multi-directional traceability for requirements, Test Cases, verification, and source code in your organization.

I have a colleague at another company and we’ve worked on big projects together,” Chan said. “We’re constantly talking about ways to map requirements with testing, because the future of managing requirements is all about mapping. So last week I called him and said, ‘Hey, I’ve found the solution. It’s Polarion.

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If you’d like to hear more about how Polarion QA made a difference, we also have a recent customer success story from NetSuite.If there are any questions related to Polarion ALM or QA, please don’t hesitate to contact your Polarion representative, or please contact us.

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