Polarion QA: Solution for Emerging IoT Growing Pains

By struykR

The emergence of Product Testing
Interconnected devices are expected to work. Your organization cannot afford to be the victim of a high profile recall, or the failure in the chain of interconnected devices which comprise anythingdelivered using the Internet of Things (IoT).

Now add Agile, iterative and extreme programming cycles, creating massive amounts of high frequency change data and you a have perfect storm of QA challenges that requires aflexible QA process holistically implemented throughout the entire product lifecycle development.

Software quality is ever further shifting left to the beginning of product lifecycles and becoming the most critical component for IoT-based solutions.

Polarion QA customers take advantage ofcustomizable workflow engine , project templates, end to end traceability, from requirements and test verification to product launches, through updates, product re-purposing, or retirement. All changes are managed from a unified platform that guarantees a single source of truth to ensure the integrity of your QA process.

To learn more about Polarion QA, please attend an upcoming webinar to learn more:

Maximize Industrial IoT Development Effectiveness with Integrated ALM and Virtual Labs

It feels like Polarion makes collaboration about 10 billion times easier.”
– Milan Vondra, Director of Quality Assurance, NetSuite
NetSuite customer success story (available here)
In today’s fast-moving world, collaboration is critical for teams throughout your organization – and real-time communication is possible using Polarion QA. Teams make use of threaded discussions, Wikis, notifications, alerts, and other collaborative-based features available using our product.

The emergence of IoT and other connected solutions have helped pave the way for QA to become the fastest growing solution across all Polarion products.

(To read our “Testing the Internet of Things” white paper, read more here.) When implemented properly, QA reduces total cost of ownership for system administrators, testers, products integrations, and product launches.

Some of the benefits of Polarion QA for your organization’s QA managers, Test Managers and Testers:

  • Audits, metrics and reports

  • Enterprise traceability

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Test artifact reusability

  • Process/workflow automation

  • Change & configuration management

  • Test & Quality Management

  • Issue & Risk Management

For a specific use case scenario, we provided six reasons to abandon Microsoft Excel for Polarion QA in a blog post. A full Polarion QA data sheet is available here.

If you would like to learn more about Polarion QA, please feel free to contact us to learn more.

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