Polarion Partner Leverages Outsourcing Explosion in Emerging Markets

by Manuel Ramirez and Michael Carey

Globally dispersed engineering project teams with members in developed and emerging markets is the new norm, and the demand for ALM solution expertise and consulting services to efficiently service globally dispersed work teams is exploding.

Polarion’s unique architecture and flexible delivery models ensure that everyone on the team, regardless of geography, collaborates with same data , same tools, and the same understanding of tasks, priorities, and status. This creates opportunity for Polarion service partners, enabling them to efficiently deliver ALM solutions at competitive prices to markets and geographies that have not traditionally been serviced.

Provider-IT Neki Technologies logoFor example, Provider-IT Neki Technologies is a Polarion partner in Brazil that has embraced Polarion as part of their managed services business model. The company provides all types of application development and outsourcing services, strategic and methodology based consulting, and sells both Polarion products (as a reseller), and the company’s own Cloud Services, powered by Polarion.

Marcelo Charius is the VP at Neki Technologies. He recently spoke with us to give us an inside look at what they are doing. “We help our customers with their software and hardware engineering projects in four primary ways: skills augmentation, time to market, technical problem solving and cost reduction.” He explained a bit more about each of these main areas:

  • Skills Augmentation: “When a particular team in an organization needs skills or expertise that is hard to find locally, we help them tap into the global marketplace.”

  • Time to Market: “Companies may need to expand a development team quickly to deliver product in the shortest time possible, thus requiring ultra fast ramp-up that may be temporary or long term.”

  • Technical Problem Solving: “There are situations when an organization is faced with a specific, relatively isolated technical issues that falls outside their core expertise, and local resources are scarce or simply not available.”

  • Cost Reduction: Everyone everywhere is always looking to improve efficiencies and where possible reduce costs. Using Polarion, we are providing our customers with savings anywhere from 3:1 to 4:1. Since Polarion is 100% browser based, it is a perfect solution of for Neki Technologies’ business model and our customers. Polarion has enabled us to be become more competitive and deliver true value to our clients.”

Polarion Handles the Competitive Pressure

Road rally vehicleOutsourcing firms today are under a lot of pressure to deliver under-cost and on time. That requires an organization that has the right tools in their infrastructure to be able to deliver high quality, fast, and at low cost.

“Partnering with Polarion is a solid step in the direction of building an infrastructure that will ensure competitive advantage.” said Charius. “With Polarion’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, an outsourcer can manage their processes from requirements to release, while ensuring communication with client organizations is effective and efficient.”

With Polarion ALM, communication and cooperation among all members of the team, within the outsourcing firm, and with their client organization, reaches an institutional level, and true synergy can be achieved. Through powerful and flexible Wiki’s, and a full Microsoft Office™ integration, client organizations can communicate effectively with their outsourcing partner, without having to worry about the limitations of traditional one-way communications.

Paving the Way to Compliance for Clients

With the exponential growth of embedded software and mechatronics, more and more industries are requiring that products meet quality and safetystandards, such as ISO 26262. Consequently, more and more companies require, their outsourcing partners to deliver detailed compliance reporting on all aspects of their Development, Testing and Deployment processes. “Polarion ALM is ideally suited for outsourcing firms who need to provide detail reporting, while providing a picture of the entire methodology of the operation,” say Charius. “It connects all steps of the development process, from the requirement creation and specifications, to every test case, down to the actual application code.”

A Super Solution for Outsourcers

In addition to having the right tools to build the infrastructure, outsourcing firms need to have a partner, flexible enough to adapt to their business model, and the changes and demands their markets need. Polarion helps partners by adapting to their needs with flexible license models and delivery options. Outsourcers may install Polarion’s products in their clients’ environments or deliver value solutions via the cloud.

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