Polarion Live Approach Presentation at ALM Expo Web Conference

ALM Expo Webcast 2007

In the last few years, some of the most widely adopted best practices from Software Engineering, especially the adoption and refinement of Agile methods, have significantly reduced software development risk and increased project success rates.

ALM is the next, state-of-the-art proposition in the software development tools market also significantly increasing project success rates. It offers broad support to people covering different roles in software development, deep feature sets for each of them and integrated functionalities. But, so far, most ALM tools aren’t really agile. They support different roles with different tools having different processes; integrations do batch transport of information from one repository to another, preventing instant notifications of change; and, can overshadow team interchangeability through forced project role specialization.

The Live Approach can solve the problem of integrating Agile development teams into a wider company/corporate infrastructure by providing developers with Live and Available access to the wider corporate information via the tools they prefer and need to use, and not add extra work or ”processes.” The Live Approach is a set of guidelines designed to define a roadmap for software development environments and tools to make them open to support different development methods with a higher degree of usability, and able to provide “live” information about project status.

Our own Stefano Rizzo will be showing how the ability to mix the benefits of Agile software development and more formal requirements management, planning and governance methods of the Live Approach opens new directions in creating Live methodologies and tools to support the needs of different business sectors. One attendee to this webcast will receive an iPod nano!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

12 noon PDT | 3 pm EDT | 8 pm GMT

Registration is FREE but you do need to register to attend the webcast. REGISTER NOW

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