Polarion Launches New Customer Service Portal

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“Congratulations to Polarion for an excellent tool interface and a fantastic technical support… Many thanks to your staff members: always friendly, responsive and competent.”
–Ingo Nickles, Vector Software

“Polarion allowed us to provide a standard process and reports; projects could adapt that locally. The great support of Polarion helped us to manage all upgrades and transitions seamlessly.”
–Dr. Markus Liebelt, T-Systems International

With feedback like this coming in from customers on a regular basis, it’s easy to think everything is “good enough” with your support and coast along with the status quo. But at Polarion Software, we’re always looking for ways to make “good enough” better.

Customer service drawing snippetIn a fast-growing company like ours, sometimes a tool you started out with doesn’t scale up well enough to keep you as efficient with larger work volume as you were with smaller. You need to recognize this early and be proactive before things get problematic. This was the case with our Customer Self-service Portal, and the reason we decided to build a new one, which I’m pleased to announce is now up and running.

We had two main goals for the new portal:

  • Provide a smooth, easy, and attractive online experience for customers who need to obtain technical support.

  • Ensure that our support team has the tools they need to continue to deliver excellent support to our growing customer base.

The launch is a first iteration, and we plan to introduce more features during the current year.

The access URL for the new portal is: As before, the portal is available only to the designated technical contact(s) at each customer company. Login credentials are unchanged.

If you have any feedback for us about the new portal, we would be glad to hear from you. You can contact our team via the portal.

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