Polarion in your next new car?

By marc.detmers

Will you find Polarion somewhere in your next automobile? Well, no, not directly. But an increasing number of automotive OEMs and suppliers are discovering that Polarion can help them manage their challenges around increasing complexity of models, compliance with standards and regulations, embedded software and “mechatronics” development, and more.

Visit our new Automotive Solutions web page and learn how Polarion’s automotive solutions can help automotive manufacturers and suppliers deal with functional safety in ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE, and CMMI compliance, and succeed with other industry challenges. You can also download a free informative Automotive Solutions whitepaper to read offline or share.*

If you go looking for Polarion in your next new car, you won’t find our logo anywhere. But Polarion may very well have been used by the car manufacturer or automotive component suppliers to manage development of the cutting-edge safety and environmental features being designed and built into today’s – and tomorrow’s – new cars.

Free PDF Report: Polarion Solutions for Automotive OEMs and Suppliers


* (PDF – registration requested)

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