Polarion Customer Buzz: How Luke Skywalker Might Fix Your Teeth

We always have our nose to the net for interesting news about the companies and people who use our solutions for requirements management, testing and quality assurance, and application lifecycle management. We came across an interesting article by one of the partners of a dental care practice that showcases Polarion customer, Sirona, which talks about futuristic technologies in modern dental care.

Polarion- Jedi dentist - Trust-meIn his article How Luke Skywalker Would Fix Your Teeth If You Let Him, Dr. Andrew Koenigsberg, DDS writes:

“Many patients who experience anxiety at the sound or even thought of the drill are accepting of the laser.”

He goes on to talk about specific benefits for patients. For example, with lasers there’s less trauma, which means less pain and faster healing. In our completely unscientific poll of our editorial team, the unanimous verdict is “Bring on Luke Skywalker!”

While the article has plenty to hold our interest, we definitely enjoyed learning that the author is a partner at Gallery57Dental, described as “a showcase for Sirona, the world’s largest dental equipment manufacturer. The office is fully digital and has been featured in Modern Dentistry as a prototype of the dental office of the future.”

Sirona uses Polarion’s ALM solution to manage various medical device projects, and to document and manage requirements, and achieve the stringent traceability needed for compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

Find out more about why Sirona chose Polarion in this free PDF report:

Report cover: Polarion Customer Success Story: Sirona

Polarion Customer Success Story: Sirona

Image composite from Creative Commons photos by fickr/Bastian and flickr/SunnyView Dental

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