Polarion 2014 SR3 – New and Noteworthy

As winter sets in (here in our northern hemisphere location at least), we wrap up another year with a service release: Polarion 2014 SR3. The update is free to customers with a current maintenance agreement. As with all our releases, the features and improvements we introduce in service release roll up into the next major version, in this case, Polarion 2015. I invite you to check out what’s coming your way in that version on our 2015 Early Access microsite.

Meantime, let me provide here an overview of the main new features, improvements, and fixes for the 2014 SR3 release.

Document Enhancements

As part of our work on new a Document Status Change Signatures feature, we have added:

New notification event for Document status change

When Documents are configured with Document workflow, users can be notified of only important events linked to Documents’ status change.


Reworked layout on Document notifications

So the above-mentioned, and any other document change notification is easier to read.



Other Improvements

Document & WikiSpaces with Titles

As a follow up to the set of improvements we released in SR2 -“Give your Documents and Wiki pages and documents human-friendly titles using ASCII or non-ASCII characters” we have now implemented Title for spaces (a.k.a Folders) in the “Documents and Wiki” area.


The benefits of using Title include:

  • Safer renaming: the system identifier (ID) need not be changed, risking breakage of links. Just change the space (or document or page) Title.

  • Intuitive search: Title can often be more human-readable than the system ID, which can help search users find what they are looking for more readily.

  • Global usability: Title supports languages with character sets other than ASCII. Users of these languages see titles in their preferred language in the UI, and can search on same.

Scripted Heading in ToC

Call it a bug fix or enhancement, what matters is that The Table of Contents macro – {toc} – now also includes headings that are created by Velocity scripts.


ReferencedWork Items API

The Polarion Open API was improved to provide more support to add, remove and manage referenced Work Items… i.e. items that are shown in a Document that are actually contained in another Document.
See: com.polarion.alm.tracker.model.IModule

Faster Plans

Plans that are set up to use custom fields for work estimation (story points or cost, for example) will now load the burn-down or burn-up charts much faster.

Important Fixes:

To list the most important fixes:

  • Now possible to import an Excel file with many merged cells.

  • Now possible to use the current user variable when defining Custom Set permissions.

  • Now possible to use Ctrl+C and similar non-editing keyboard shortcuts in some read-only fields.

As always, a complete listing of fixed issues is provided in the resolved_workitems.html file bundled in the distribution archives and also available from product download pages on our web site.

How to get the upate

You can obtain the update distribution for all products, at: http://www.polarion.com/downloads/update.php. This distribution updates an existing production system.

If you want to test the new release separately from your production system, you should download the installer for the product you have (http://www.polarion.com/downloads/index.php). You will receive an evaluation license by email when you download.

Thanks for your support

As I look back on what we have accomplished through the version 2014 development cycles, I’m reminded of the importance of the input and feedback we have received from you, our customers, who use our products every day. On behalf of the entire Polarion team, I would like to say thanks for that valuable resource, which helps us focus on implementing what is most valuable for you. We are looking forward to delivering more of the same during the 2015 release cycle.

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