Polarion 2013 SR3 – New and Noteworthy

By walekJ

As winter sets in, we again bring you some cool updates to the Polarion platform. Packaged as Polarion 2013 Service Release 3 (SR3), this update for all Polarion products is free to all customers with a current maintenance subscription. You can download the update distribution at

What’s In It For You?

As with every release we deliver bug-fixes and enhancements to usability, performance, etc. This release also delivers a several new features and useful enhancements that will later be part of the Polarion 2014 major version release, thanks to our incremental Agile development process.

Test Record Attachments

When executing a manual test case you perform the test steps and check them according to expected results. Now you can attach files (screenshots, images, protocols) to each test step to prove the results or describe/document incorrect behavior.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.32.27 PM

New Charting Library

We have bundled a new charting library… it is no longer necessary to use or rely on Adobe Flash®. We embed theHighcharts library, which integrates easily into our wiki reports, exports well to PDF and has many more options to render custom charts.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.29.08 PM


Check the Highcharts Macros in the embedded Wiki Syntax Help (search for Highcharts in the full help page)

Find and Replace in Document

You can easily change any wording in your LiveDocs using Find and Replace functionality, which works pretty much as you would expect.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.25.55 PM


Performance Improvements

  • Generation of Wiki Reports with complex velocity scripts is approx. 10x faster.
    (This means the actual processing of the wiki markup combined with velocity scripting is at least 10x faster, the actual impact on the user might be smaller as some time is spent also in collecting data to be rendered)

  • Loading of Work Items is up to 25% faster. This has also positive impact on loading of Documents which is about 10% faster, and on generating of Wiki Reports that work with many Work Items.

  • ?Export to Excel® is about 25% faster.

  • Loading of Documents with many comments was improved. Our sample document with 400 comments loads 3x faster.

  • Time Sheet renders much faster for Work Item types that show any form extension.

Noteworthy Fixes

  • Comments field can be now marked as read-only depending on status of the Work Item.

  • Execute Test extension now offers only Test Runs where the Test Case can be executed.

  • Improved look and feel of LiveDoc documents exported to Word.

  • Work Item Comments are now correctly rendered in the LiveDoc and Word export if they are set to be shown in the Document configuration

  • Tables in Documents now keep their alignment in exported PDF.

Polarion 2014 Early Access

The Polarion 2014 Early Access Program is running in a full speed. As we release 2013-SR3 we also have a BETA version of Polarion 2014 features that we will share with Early Adopters. Many of you will be interested in the new Polarion Clustering:




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