Online Short Course: Requirements Management with Polarion LiveDocs

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Are you taking your first looks at Polarion REQUIREMENTS and wondering “Where do I start with this?”. Or maybe your company already has Polarion, and you have new teams or team members who need to get up to speed with requirements management? Either way, our online short course Requirements Management with Polarion LiveDocs™ is a good resource for newbies. Even Polarion veterans might discover a new trick or two.

How to Access the Short Course

You’ll find it on our Polarion REQUIREMENTS Test Drive server:

  1. Log in or click the link on the login page to create a new account. (If you have previously registered for a download or an on-demand webinar on our web site, you can use the same credentials you used for that.)

  2. On the portal’s home page, look for the Learn the Basics icon and click on it.

Application icons on Polarion REQUIREMENTS test drive server home page

The server will automatically create, and take you into a new project, “First 15” + your user name, and land you on it’s Home page:

Screenshot: Polarion Requirements short-course home page

How It Works

As you can see, the course has 5 main topics. Going left-to-right, each topic begins with a short video (1-2 minutes each), that opens in a new browser tab. Start with the Building Documents video, then return to the short course home page and take the next link to the right (“Start Using Polarion LiveDocs”). Each of the topics will provide you with practical hands-on guidance designed to help you grasp the main essentials in minimum time.

As you finish each topic, move on the the next. Start with the video in each topic. Alternatively, you might run through all the videos first, and then go through the exercises and examples in each of the topics. The entire course was designed to be completed with around 15 minutes of concentrated effort. No matter, you can work at your own pace, and return to the course as often as you like. When you return to the portal, you’ll find the link to your short course here:

Screenshot: reopen the requirements short course

One last tip: everything you learn in this short course is also applicable in Polarion ALM, Polarion QA (you can use LiveDocs for test cases too), and Polarion CLOUD.

We would love to know if you find this resource useful. How did you feel about it? Too simple? Needs more depth? Just right? Should we do something similar on other subjects? Which ones? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!


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