New Polarion Release Cycle

By Wesley Aarsen

Polarion changes product release schedule

Starting in 2020, there will be two major releases of Polarion during the year combined with a more flexible patch schedule.

Our team here at Polarion is always dedicated to helping our customers, partners, and employees to be more agile and bringing them the latest innovations faster. That’s why we’re changing the schedule of our product releases to make it easier for everyone to understand the timing of Polarion’s planned releases, and better accommodate update timelines.

To answer some of your questions upfront we have compiled a short FAQ list.

Why the switch?

  1. Many of our enterprise customers want the newest Polarion enhancements but don’t have the validation policies and bandwidth to approve all four releases, one major and three service releases (SR) a year.
  2. Our refined Agile development now lets us get the latest and greatest out to you even quicker with the help of the two major releases.

So when’s the next big release?

As always we will announce our next release with the “what is new and noteworthy” right here on the blog and on our Polarion homepage.
If you want to know more about Polarion’s roadmap, contact your Siemens Polarion contact person to join our Polarion’s Roadmap Sessions.

• Polarion 20 R1 is expected in April of 2020
• Polarion 20 R2 in October of 2020.

How will this affect Polarion patches?

Security updates, performance enhancements and defect fixes will be released in regular cumulative patches for the latest Polarion major version with up to a monthly cadence. Patches will be available for all active customers through the Siemens GTAC portal. This helps us to react more flexibly to your needs and also limit the effort needed on your side to deploy these updates.

Will it change the two-year version support lifecycle?

Not at all. Don’t worry, version support is based on two calendar years, not two major releases. Upgrading to the latest version will be seamless and hasslefree. That is to say, there are no obstacles to directly upgrade to the latest release (for example from 18.0 to 20 R1). Polaron version end-of-life dates.

How do I get to try new features?

This will stay unchanged, through Polarion’s early access program. Want to enroll in Polarion’s early access program? Simply contact your Siemens Polarion representative for more details.

You still have more questions?

As always, we would love to hear your feedback and would be more than happy to answers any of your remaining questions. Simply comment and reply below or reach out to your Siemens Polarion contact person. We look forward to hearing from you.


One thought about “New Polarion Release Cycle
  • With a quarterly release cycle I always felt a hesitance in committing too a published road map. Does this change present an opportunity to improve this?

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