Morris Medical Monday: Polarion MedPack Release Management

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Welcome back to Morris Medical Monday: a weekly series for medical device development companies (and companies who are related to such companies), providing some useful information about Polarion solutions and Polarion extensions.

Today we will continue on the subject of Polarion’s MedPack extension, and have a look into MedPack’s Release Management.

Release Management

The MedPack supports release management by providing specific enumerations and custom fields. Doing release management this way is not required by any standard! So the method described here should only be used if it is applicable and fits to the project situation. Not using the enumeration and custom fields has no effect on any other parts of the template, especially not the parts required by international standards.

The product version enumeration

The template contains an enumeration called productVersion (configured in productVersion-enum.xml). This enumeration should be used to identify product versions. These product versions are used as attributes to other information stored in work items, like requirements, tests, product components, anomalies etc. The product versions can overlap, so it might be useful to define entries for major versions like 1.2.* for tagging requirements as well as having entries for very specific versions like for bug tracking.

The best approach is dependent on the project setup and the process used for development. The project leader cockpit has a direct link to the edit mask of this enumeration. Remark: As for any enumeration modification, a user must have the project or global administrator role to modify product versions.

The work item type’s custom fields

Each work item type (except for task) has one or two custom fields for product versioning. One field has rather a planning aspect, and can have exactly one value for a product version reference. The second custom field is used for marking valid product versions and is therefore a multi-select field, i.e. more than one product version can be selected.

The following table gives an overview over the custom fields of the work item types.


For more information about Polarion’s MedPack visit our Extension Portal using following link: I hope you liked this article and you will visit our Blog again when there is another Morris Medical Monday article.

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