Make Sure Your Product Isn't the Next Recall Headline

Are you juggling the tremendous pressure to bring innovative products to market faster with the mandate for uncompromised quality and safety? Do you work in an industry where systems and embedded software applications are the key drivers for innovation? Do you ever worry that the next product recall in the news might be yours? If so, there’s a new free whitepaper just out that might put you on the road to some relief.

Old photo: car wrecked in water. Wasn't there a recall?Product failures and recalls can affect us all

You’re probably well aware of the record number of devastating product recalls and financial settlements we’ve been seeing across regulated industries this year (check the links for just one example). This is something potentially affects us all, and it motivated us to  look into the success factors across Polarion’s worldwide customer base, and collect best practices in a new whitepaper called “Accelerate Innovation with Unified Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)”.

In it, you’ll learn how leading organizations speed up innovation while protecting quality, reducing risk, and minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO). At the core of their success is a unified approach where all software development processes and work products are connected, as are the disparate teams that collaborate on them.

The valuable insights we’ve collected here are yours free for the asking. We hope that it will start you on the road to making sure your company won’t be the next big product recall headline.



Whitepaper: Accelerate Innovation with Unified Application Lifecycle Management

Accelerate Innovation with Unified Application Lifecycle Management

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