Introducing TeamLive's Kanban Extension for Polarion

By JustineB

Embracing different methodologies in the workplace can be an interesting new challenge – but Polarion enjoys helping our customers reach new limits. As we look forward to sharing more details about enterprise agile, it’s worth pointing out that Polarion is – and will always remain – Kanban compatible. With each new version release, we remain dedicated to making it as easy as possible for customers to take advantage of strategies to get work done in a faster, more efficient manner.


What is Kanban? Kanban follows four basic principles (courtesy of David Anderson, creator of the Kanban method):

  • Start with what you do now

  • Agree to pursue incremental, evolutionary change

  • Respect the current process, roles, responsibilities and titles

  • Leadership at all levels

kanban1Kanban is designed to provide your team with “just-in-time” development for faster output and increased flexibility. Earlier this month, TeamLive’s Kanban Extension for Polarion was publicly released, courtesy of one of our valued partners.

Click to View Polarion Extension Portal

Workflow visualization – The ability to look at all items in context of other Work Items Work-in-Progress (WIP) support – Helps teams focus on helping Work Items pass through the workflow Measure and manage flow support – Measurement of cumulative flow diagram (CFD), Team Velocity, Maturity and Maturity Ratio

Drag support – Users have the ability to drag items between columns designed in the workflow Review support – Review item states since plan inception Compare support – Compare item states since plan inception Teams are able to focus on making sure Work Items move through the workflow as quickly and efficiently as possible, while comparing and reviewing item states since inception. In addition, the Kanban Demo is available (via extension portal) to demonstrate features of Polarion ALM – and how to combine them to create Kanban-like reports and metrics. Kanban is a major supporter of continuous improvement, monitoring the “Kanban board.” Using Polarion, where data is already available, it becomes even easier to watch user workflows on story boards and task boards. Using Polarion allows for the automatic – and transparent – forensic-level audit trail, so all requirements, Test Cases, and code defects to be tracked in an organized manner.

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