Interactive Work Item Gantt charts for Polarion

Interactive Work Item Gantt chart

This Interactive drag & drop-enabled Gantt chart widget developed by our partner Nextedy provides unique capabilities to expose the standard Work Items such as Features, Epics, Objectives as micro-projects in a visually appealing way and perform various operations easily and efficiently.

Gantt chart can still be useful, even in today’s  “Agile approach world”. The use of Gantt charts can bridge the gaps in hybrid agile approaches where there is still a great variety of stakeholders, the complexity that comes outside of not just the software domain and critical external dates. 

Interactive drag & drop-enabled Gantt charts let you:

  • Adjust Schedule
    You can easily adjust the project schedule, including re-scheduling of the subtasks when the parent project schedule is adjusted.

  • Manage Dependencies
    The Management of project and task dependencies is another common task. Just start a link on start item and finish it on target item:

In this short video, Nextedy takes you through the features and capabilities of their Interactive Work Item Gantt widget for Polarion.

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