Integrating TortoiseSVN with Polarion ALM

By Timothy Stroebele

Personally I think Tortoise is the best subversion client which is currently available for windows. Additionally to its fantastic approach (just integrating into windows explorer instead of having an extra tool) TortoiseSVN also allows you to integrate with other tracking systems.
In this blog I want to show you how easily you can link commits with PolarionALM workitems. So lets get started.

First thing you should do is to check-out your project folder which you want to link with polarion. Our Example here is related to “Library” project delivered with standard setup of Polarion ALM. Lets assume you did a check out of your project into a folder called demolibrary.

After check out you have to set some TortoiseSVN specific properties on the demolibrary folder. Right click on the folder and select “properties”.


Then set following properties:


Now commit your changes back to Subversion – Done.

From now on TortoiseSVN will prompt you for a workitem id during a commit. Additionally to your commit message you should enter the number of the Polarion workitem id. Press OK.
The provided id will be listed as part of the log message and is clickable. When you click on it the Polarion workitem will be opened in a browser window for you to read. Please have a look at the images below.



Best Wishes

p.s. thanks Robert for bringing it together

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