Important news: Polarion release numbering is changing

By Adrian Whitfield

We hope you have been enjoying Polarion 22 R2 which was just released. If you haven’t had a chance to look at what’s new, we encourage you to do so by clicking on this link.

What’s changing?

For 2023, we will be changing the Polarion release numbering convention to align with a Siemens wide corporate initiative.

The good news is that the frequency and timing of Polarion releases won’t change. So this means that there will still be two main releases each year (generally in April and October) with subsequent maintenance patches on a as required basis.

Therefore, we will stop referring to the spring and fall releases as Polarion 23 R1 and 23 R2 and instead use the year and month to indicate the release number. For maintenance patches, there will be an additional identifier used in the release number that will follow in a sequential order.

Summary of changes

Since our Polarion releases are typically in April and October of 2023, using this new release numbering convention, our releases would be called Polarion 2304 and Polarion 2310 respectively.

Subsequently, the first maintenance patch of Polarion 2304 will be called Polarion 2304.0001. If there is a second maintenance patch for Polarion 2304 this will be called Polarion 2304.0002.

Note, Polarion X, our cloud-based deployment option managed by Siemens, is always up to date with the most recent version of Polarion available.

If you have any questions concerning this Polarion release numbering change, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account representative or the Siemens support team.

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