How to Balance Software Requirements and Testing Needs

By marc.detmers

Traditional software engineering often separates the software requirements and testing processes. However, best-in-class development mandates integration of testing with requirements. Could you use some solid, practical tips on how to achieve this? If so, this free on-demand webinar might be helpful to you.

Logos: Polarion Software, Vector SoftwareOn October 23, Polarion Software and partner Vector Software jointly sponsored an OpenSystems E-cast webinar “Balancing Software Requirements & Test Needs”. Presented by Polarion Product Management VP Ji?í Walek, this webinar delivers practical information about how to integrate software requirement definitions and testing activities, including:

    • The importance of good requirements definition
    • How software quality is impacted when testing ties to requirements
    • Why tracing requirements to test is even more critical to modern software engineering processes
    • How automation makes requirements definition and traceability to tests easier than ever before
    • How complex software functionality can be safely, and quickly, managed with automated “continual test” occurring in parallel

The 56-minute presentation is now available on demand following registration via OpenMedia E-cast. Registrants can interrupt the presentation and replay later.

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