Game Testing White Paper— Addressing Real World QA Challenges

By JustineB

Ever been so engrossed while playing a game but then had it freeze during a crucial moment? The glitch can cause you to lose, force you to reset the game without saving, erase your saved data, and the overall deficiency in the quality causes you considerable dissatisfaction with the game.

In such a rapidly growing industry with high global demand, gaming companies have increasingly turned to “Quality Assurance” (QA) tools to discover and manage bugs that can make or break a game’s success.

The gaming experience should be smooth and painless. So should the testing process.

The challenges with game testing are not unique to its case, and its QA challenges are relevant for other kinds of industries. The Game Testing Evolves white paper discusses the issues of rapid testing environments and how a test management system can alleviate some of the major problems.

What we can all learn from game testing:

  • Accelerate testing without losing quality—Managing all of your testing activities easily and quickly means a better game design. A good game design means happy customers.

  • Maximize time and resources—Time is money. Besides Polarion QA’s speed and efficiency, you can also integrate it without disrupting your existing workflow, additionally saving time and money.

  • Collaboration—Polarion QA provides traceability and communication to collaborate from various locations with multiple devices. Access it anytime at anyplace, and everyone knows exactly what’s happening throughout the development process.

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