Ensuring Trust in Your IoT Solutions

The ongoing emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how your organization develops products.

Keeping embedded systems secure from cybersecurity threats remains difficult, as it’s not uncommon to include security after a project is completed – but as high-profile security incidents increase in frequency, security simply cannot remain an add-on.

The security lifecycle should be managed as part of product development lifecycle – security must be considered while developing, designing, and launching all aspects of an IoT solution.

To learn more about cybersecurity risks, we invite you to view the following webinar: “Ensuring Trust in IoT Edge Devices.” You will hear from Jim Ferranti, Polarion Software Systems Engineer:

Using Polarion ALM (application lifecycle management) software helps minimize challenges of new IoT development complexities. ALM helps verify security is integrated throughout the development lifecycle, starting with product design, and followed through all the way to product launch.

ALM must be part of your organization’s strategy to manage requirements, code, Test Cases, Work Items and development artifacts. Polarion is able to manage the entire software lifecycle – helping you identify and correct risks.

Embedded software is driving innovation for IoT-connected products, new generation medical devices, smart cars, and other emerging solutions. Don’t miss out on new business opportunities in IoT – andbe prepared to deal with new challenges with ALM.

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