Big Data Explodes – Is Your Software Testing Team Ready?

By struykR

Recently I did a webinar on “Big Data Testing” explaining the concepts of Big Data and the deficiencies with current testing tools such as MS Excel for managing and analyzing large amounts of test data.There has been a tremendous amount ofhype surrounding both the challenges and the opportunities, however business requirements such as time constraints, regulatory demands and competitive pressures are forcing organizations to deal with the continual “datafication” ofthings. This does not exclude software testing and in fact adds more focus on our ability to handle and interpret test data in a timely fashion while providing meaningful results. Sound challenging? Well it is and many of us are not adequately prepared for this data onslaught. In this new whitepaper “Big Data Testing” I discuss the concepts behind big dataand why current QA processes and tools may not meet the needs and challenges of a digital world.

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