24. December: Christmas Eve

By Felicitas Kreutzer

We’ve reached the finish line of the pre-Christmas season, marking the closure of our Advent calendar for this year. Big thanks for being the wind beneath our festive wings and we sincerely hope our efforts added a touch of Christmas magic to your days. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring happiness your way!

Until then, warm regards from Your Polarion Pre-Sales Team

1st of December: “How Santa uses the invenio Reuse Cockpit to ensure compliance with the latest norms and standards for his presents“, Max Posmek from Invenio, contact via mail to 

2nd of December: “How Santa keeps track of installed extensions!” Garantis-IT Solutions, contact via mail to 

3rd of December: “Santa’s Elf decided to improve gifts QA by using the new REST API”, Stephane Vayssier, Siemens. 

4th of December: “Santa can only decline signatures when providing a comment”, Kevin Schmiechen, TUM. 

5th of December: “Santa is Hiding Unwanted Messages”, Altug Metin, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens. 

6th of December: “Santa is Using Polarion Collections”, Avasis Solution GmbH, 

7th of December: “How Santa exchanges Christmas wishes with internal and external partners”, Dennis Pfeiffer, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens. 

8th of December: “Santa says hello!”, Davide Gualano, EMEA Team Polarion Siemens. 

9th of December: “Use Collections to organize your documents, dear Santa!” ReQonsult,  , contact via mail to
or via phone:  +49 (0)7775 8749094

10th of December: “Santa based AI based present decision”, Florian Götz, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens. 

11th of December: “How Elves Used Diagram Editor to Save Santa from Cloud Mishaps”, Alexander Heyers, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens. 

12th of December: “Christmas Dance”, Denis Liwoch, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens. 

13th of December: “Santa’s workshop is now officially tech-savvy”, Tim Ströbele, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens.

14th of December: “Santa uses AI to identify wishes in long letters”, Florian Götz, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens. 

15th of December: “Make Santa happy with perfect Resource Traceability comments” Heinz Dresbach, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens.

16th of December: “Seabay helps packing Santa’s bag”, Rainer Kreutzer, Seabay-IT,

17th of December: “Opening Historic Versions of Projects – The Easy Way”, Kevin Schmiechen, TUM. 

18th of December: “A gift from Santa’s little helpers: the Livepage Reuser”, Heinz Dresbach Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens.

19th of December: “Holiday Risk Heat Map”, Sydni-Dee Venter, Siemens.

20th of December: “Bubble Charts made Santa’s day”, Mohammed Himath Mehdi, Labyrinth Global Solutions. 

21st of December: “A card from Santa to the SVN lovers” Heinz Dresbach, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens.

22nd of December: “Santa’s Sleigh”, Lionel Voillat, Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens.

23rd of December: “Create your Christmas Cards with Polarion!”, Heinz Dresbach Pre-Sales Polarion Siemens.

All ZIP Files are linked for download in the respective doors on our community website!

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