22. December: Santa’s Sleigh 

By Felicitas Kreutzer

Alrighty then, buckle up your elf shoes and grab a candy cane because we’re diving into the wild world of Santa’s sleigh development! Picture this: Santa’s got a wishlist longer than the Nice List, and we’re here to make sure his ride is not just red and shiny but also high-tech and ready to dash through the snow with style.So, how do we pull this off? Well, folks, get ready to manage the magic with Polarion (ALM). We’re not just dealing with regular requirements; we’re talking about Santa’s wish list, and we all know he’s a demanding guy. But fear not, we’ll use Polarion to keep things as organized as a perfectly wrapped present.And that’s not all, my festive friends! We’re not just slapping together a sleigh; we’re orchestrating a 3D masterpiece. Think of it as Santa’s own sleigh-magination coming to life. How do we make sure it’s not just a bunch of jingle bells and whistles? Well, that’s where Teamcenter as PLM comes in – the magical workshop where we handle the Bill of Materials like it’s the recipe for the perfect batch of gingerbread cookies.So, grab your pointy ears and get ready for a development journey merrier than a sleigh ride with a chorus of caroling reindeer. Because when it comes to Santa’s sleigh, we’re not just delivering a product; we’re delivering pure, unadulterated holiday cheer with a sprinkle of elfin engineering magic!

A special Thanks to Lionel Voillat! 

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