20. December: Bubble Charts made Santa’s day

By Felicitas Kreutzer

Once upon a frosty workshop day at the North Pole, Santa found himself drowning in a sea of wish lists and toy production data. Frustrated and tangled in tinsel, he stumbled upon a magical bubble chart-making machine hidden behind a pile of candy cane wrappers. As Santa tinkered with the levers and buttons, the machine began to generate whimsical bubble charts that showcased which toys were trending among the nice list. To his surprise, the biggest bubble represented a skyrocketing demand for “Jingle Bell-Flavored Snow Cones,” leaving Santa chuckling at the peculiar taste of the season. With a twinkle in his eye, Santa realized that the bubble charts not only organized the toy preferences but also revealed that the elves were secretly moonlighting as a breakdancing troupe during toy assembly breaks. The workshop transformed into a dance floor, with elves spinning and twirling as they crafted gifts. Amused by the newfound efficiency and entertainment, Santa declared bubble charts the official data visualization tool of the North Pole, ensuring that from that day forward, every toy-making decision would be accompanied by a festive jig and a jolly chart. And so, with bubble charts and breakdancing elves, Santa’s days became merrier than ever at the toy factory. 

Thank you very much to Mohammed Himath Mehdi!

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