10 Tips for Polarion LiveDocs – #9 Use Document Comments for Word Round-trip

by Carola Hartlieb, Polarion Professional Services

When it comes to comments and comment threads, Polarion knows about work item based comments and document based comments. If you need to share comments with external partners, then document comments are what you need to use. Work item comments are only accessible inside Polarion in the Comments field of work items, which does not appear in the document view, but only in the Table view of a document. The Comments field of work items is not exported for Word Round-trip.

You can add document comments to your document using the Comments pane of the sidebar:

During review of the exported document your external partners can use Word comments:

These Word comments are imported during Word Round-trip and referenced in Polarion as document comments.

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One thought about “10 Tips for Polarion LiveDocs – #9 Use Document Comments for Word Round-trip
  • I know that this entry is old as hell – but is there any good reason why the “Add comment” should be disabled? 

    A colleague proposed that only documents in review state can be commented, but I see nothing which indicates this.

    I can edit the document, I just cannot comment on it.

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