10 Tips for Polarion LiveDocs – #10 Split Work Items Across Multiple Documents

By hartliebc

by Carola Hartlieb, Polarion Professional Services

This is the final post in our series of tips for users of Polarion LiveDoc™ documents. I hope you have gained some useful information from it.

Polarion recommends not to have more than 5000 work items within one document due to performance reasons. If you need more than this upper limit (e.g. you have a really large and intricate requirements specification), you can split up work items into several different documents.

You can then create a “master” document and use the “Insert Referenced Work Items” action to build a “master” document in which all the work items appear. Because the large number of work items are not actually contained in this master document but merely referenced, system performance should not suffer.

Menu to insert referenced work items

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