10 Tips for Polarion LiveDocs – #1 Document Toolbar

By hartliebc

by Carola Hartlieb, Polarion Professional Services

In this series of 10 articles I’ll share with you 10 helpful little tips and tricks about working with Polarion LiveDocs.

Work with and configure your document using the document toolbar

The document toolbar not only allows you to format your document text (add headings, mark text as bold, etc.) but also helps you to configure the type(s) of work items the document can contain, according to your needs. Just click on the “Configure” menu entry.

Using the “Configure Work Item Presentation” page you can define which work item types live in your document and what kind of  information is included the document’s work items.

Hint: All information shown on your document is reflected in Polarion’s “Word Round-trip” feature.


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