Model-based Systems Engineering – impact of complexity on electronics design – ep. 4

model-based systems engineering

As electronics become more complex, the task of designing has become more demanding. Improvement of a single component in most cases requires a change of several other components and subsystems. To achieve this, companies have had to shift from the traditional product design approach to a digital approach that allows for e-building and testing before the prototype stage is reached.

Today’s hosts are Nicholas Finberg of Siemens Global Marketing, and Tim Kinman, Vice President of Trending Solutions and Global Program Lead for Systems Digitalization at Siemens Digital Industries Software. They are joined by Mark Malinoski and Matt Bromley from the EDA space to talk about vertical connected development.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the impact that complexity is having on the electronics design process. You’ll also understand how digital twins and digital threads assist in managing collaboration by enhancing traceability and observability. Lastly, you’ll learn about the challenges faced when decomposing down to silicone and then recomposing the system.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The impact that complexity is having on MBSE (04:10)
  • The challenge of decomposing systems architecture so as to have common context (07:48)
  • Why customers like to get an early architecture that meets specified requirements (10:58)
  • What it looks like as you drill down and refine an electronic systems architecture (14:44)
  • Why complexity increases as you move towards individual domains (21:44)
Matt Bromley

Matt Bromley

Vice President, Product Strategy and Technology

Mark Malinoski

Mark Malinoski

MBSE Solutions Director – Siemens EDA

Tim Kinman

Tim Kinman

Vice President, Trending Solutions Consulting & Global Program Lead for Systems Digitalization

Nicholas Finberg

Nicholas Finberg

Writer, Global Marketing Thought Leadership

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Where Today Meets Tomorrow Podcast

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