Breathing Life Into the Digital Twin with Daniel Reed at MxD

In this episode Daniel Reed at MxD, talks to us about the use of the digital twin in the factory of the future, using sensors and networks to build smarter factories, how the digital twin was used during the pandemic and what the future holds for this technology.

Preview | Future Car Podcast | Lucas Di Grassi

Welcome back to the Future Car Podcast where this week we are greeted by Lucas Di Grassi, Formula E champion and former Formula…

Engineer Innovation - boosting Norwegian Hydropower with the Digital Twin

Boosting Norwegian Hydropower using the Executable Digital Twin 

In the latest episode of the Engineer Innovation podcast, I talk to Flow Design Bureau’s Morten Kjeldsen about using engineering simulation to create a digital twin that allow operators to understand how a hydropower station is performing in real-time.

A smartwach for machines

Executable Digital Twins: A Smartwatch for Machines

This episode of the Engineer Innovation Podcast is about the engineering challenges involved in designing Forcebit a device that aims to make measurements on rotary drive systems as fast and easy as putting on a smartwatch.

Exploring Generative AI Part 3

In many fields, ranging from design to manufacturing to operation, time is often a limiting factor when it comes to…

From Simulation to Sea Trials: the Science of Simulating Ships

From Simulation to Sea Trials: the Science of Simulating Ships

In this episode of the Engineer Innovation podcast we go behind the scenes of the world’s largest ever marine validation experiment, in which 54 teams of engineers compete to simulate the performance of a cruise ship which is full of passengers.

Exploring Generative AI Part 2

Generative AI is a powerful tool, offering a powerful new way to interact with information and technology, as explored in…

Getting Started in AI and Machine Learning with Justin Hodges

Getting Started with AI and Machine Learning

In this episode of the Engineer Innovation podcast AI Expert Justin Hodges and (not so expert) Stephen Ferguson explain how engineers can start using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning TODAY, and quickly achieve massive productivity savings and extra insight into their simulations.

The body and wing of an airplane flying over a mountainous landscape.

The 5 Levels of Digital Transformation Maturity – Maturing Your Digital Transformation

Welcome to Talking Aerospace Today – a podcast for the aerospace and defense industry. A place that brings the promise of tomorrow’s…