Webinar: Geometric modeling – Why Parasolid’s in good shape…

Advances in product design and manufacturing technologies, such as generative design and additive manufacturing, are setting requirements for new capabilities in geometric modeling. Enabling the design and modification of products that feature lattice structures and facet data are two good examples.

In this on-demand webinar, Phil Nanson, Director of Parasolid Components, discusses how new design and editing capabilities support B-rep, facet, and lattice models and goes on to explain why his team at Siemens invests the same thought and effort into developing quality processes as it does into developing functionality.

geometric modeling webinar - Parasolid webinar topics

Parasolid topics discussed by Phil Nanson

The way we work is also changing – computing hardware is continuously evolving for desktop and mobile applications and geometric modelers also need to keep pace with these developments.

István Csanady, CEO, Shapr3D joined Phil to talk about his company’s leading CAD application for the Apple platform and how his team’s experience with Parasolid functionality and support is enabling high-performance CAD with the new Apple Silicon chipset.

geometric modeling webinar - Shapr3D topics

Shapr3D topics discussed by István Csanady

To access the full 45-minute discussion, visit our on-demand webinar page

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