D-Cubed HLM version 55.0

Key enhancements introduced in version 55.0 of D-Cubed HLM (Hidden Line Manager) are described below.

Support for Helical Swept Surfaces

HLM supports numerous curve and surface types, enabling computational optimisations compared to generic parametric geometry types. Version 55 sees the introduction of helical swept surfaces which were previously represented by parametric surfaces. The introduction of this new specific surface type supports improvements to reliability and performance.

A helical swept surface, top view to the right

Multi-threading Performance Improvement

HLM has been thread safe since 2009 and has supported multi-threading since 2011. This release improves the multi-threaded performance for some assemblies containing large numbers of medium-sized parts, and parts that represent multiple instances of common reference parts.

Improvements to Parasolid Wrapper

A wrapper interface assists with the integration between HLM and the Parasolid® modeller. This release supports Parasolid extendable surfaces.

About D-Cubed HLM

D-Cubed HLM (Hidden Line Manager)) is a software component that provides applications with a fast hidden line computation capability. HLM is optimized for solid, surface and wireframe models, with support for accurate, tolerant and faceted geometry. HLM is compatible with most applications, being independent of modeler or model format. HLM accurately computes hidden line views, engineering drawings and technical illustrations of parts and assemblies with exceptional performance, reliability and functionality.

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