D-Cubed AEM version 55.0

Key enhancements introduced in version 55.0 of D-Cubed AEM (Assembly Engineering Manager) are described below.

Enhancements to Contact Computations

AEM has pioneered motion simulations in environments where accurate solid models, not faceted approximations, come into contact and push each other around. This is a more sophisticated process than operating on faceted parts, as there are many more geometry types and configurations involved in computing contact-based motion on full solid parts. The benefits are substantial, including the direct simulation of motion on parts with a geometric accuracy that is suitable for engineering applications, rather than visualization or entertainment. The latest release sees improvements to the collision depth calculations during contact computations.

Enhanced Support for Springs

AEM enables users to generate motion in parts using different drivers, such as gravity, torques, springs and motors. This release sees improvements to the diagnostic information for springs, helping the applications to more reliably integrate support for springs.

About D-Cubed AEM

D-Cubed AEM (Assembly Engineering Manager) is a software component that enables applications to simulate the motion of assemblies and mechanisms. It accounts for the mass properties of parts, the motion caused by a range of engineering forces and devices and the interaction of parts as they collide and transmit motion to each other.

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